Water Charity

With the human population climbing steadily every day, scarcity of resources is becoming an increasingly important issue. To the privileged few, a few hours without internet can seem like absolute torture, while there are people all over the world who struggle to gain access to basic human needs like food and clean water. Although Thailand generally has ample access to clean water, there are still areas where access to clean water is a challenge. This leads to an increase in water-borne diseases and can severely impact people’s health and wellbeing.

While we all understand the importance of the issue, the link with teambuilding may not be immediately clear. For one thing, this water charity activity creates a good opportunity for team bonding – and water charity will bring everyone together behind a shared cause, which is great for improving employee relationships and the ability to collaborate and work together. Furthermore, water charity creates a strong company culture. It shows your staff that you care about the world outside of the office, which in turn means that you care about the people that are a part of your company.

Use this opportunity for team bonding and giving back to the local community by helping those that are most in need

As a part of the lucky few, it is important for us to give back to others who need in the most. For this teambuilding activity, we will be donating clean water to underprivileged people in Bangkok or Pattaya. This is a great opportunity for team bonding and to have the chance to meet people less fortunate than us.


  • Promotes creative thinking and design
  • CSR oriented
  • Team building with a goal
  • Encourages team spirit


  • Number of participants: 10 to 100 People
  • Time: Full day
  • Activity Type: Outdoor
  • Energy level: 3


Bangkok, Pattaya

water charity
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