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Are You in Need of Unique Team Bonding Ideas? You're in the Right Place!

If your time is limited and you’re out of team bonding ideas that are both fun AND effective, BOUNCE Inc. is the perfect solution for you!

BOUNCE Inc is a sports complex located right in the heart of Bangkok. The complex offers three indoor team building activities from you to choose from – or you can go big and take part in all three! No matter what you decide, these team bonding ideas are sure to take your team to new heights (literally).

We have a whole slew of indoor team building activities to challenge and engage your employees

First up, trampolining. This is the perfect activity to encourage your staff to let loose and get in touch with their inner child – because who doesn’t love to bounce? BOUNCE Inc. offers multiple trampolines for your team to explore and enjoy, and a huge variety of trampoline-based indoor team building activities that are accessible for all skill and fitness levels.

Next up is climbing. One of the best team bonding ideas – cheer on your teammates and push them to make it to the top! The complex houses several walls for climbing and is fully equipped with the necessary safety measures to ensure that your team will be safe throughout your time. The climbing walls vary in difficulty level, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the session.

And finally, for those looking for truly unique team bonding ideas, we have parkour. Parkour is exploding in popularity. You’ve probably seen the videos online – people jumping from roof to roof, using the city as their own personal jungle gym. Or you’ve seen one of the many shows that parkour has inspired, like American Ninja Warrior or the classic Wipeout! At BOUNCE Inc. your team can participate in a variety of parkour-inspired indoor team building activities without the risk of falling off a building. This is a great way to get your team to let loose and face difficult challenges together in a fun but safe environment.
The indoor team building activities at BOUNCE Inc. offer a team platform that enhances the dynamics required for achieving success together. The different activities offer enough variety to keep your team interested. They also provide a chance to engage in a little physical activity instead of sitting in an office all day. And finally, they create and a safe space to let go of office hierarchies and politics so team members can develop strong relationships.

The staff at BOUNCE Inc. are trained to ensure maximum group and individual participation, as well as to ensure safety at all times. All of the activities are fully customizable and you can consult with the staff on team bonding ideas for the session. You also have the option to rent out the space with food and beverage service for your team. If you would like to learn more about this extravaganza of indoor team building activities, contact us now!


    • Face your fears with support from your colleagues
    • Explore each other’s strengths
    • Increase team spirit while you compete in fun activities
    • Improve relationships between team members


    • Number of participants: 10-100 People
    • Time: Full day
    • Activity Type: Outdoor
    • Energy Level : 3