Thai Dancing
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Team Bonding Through Thai Dance

Traditional Thai dance is known all over the world, and for good reason – dance is the main dramatic art form in Thailand and there are many different styles of dance. In addition to regional dances, Thailand is also known for its folk dances, and classical dance dramas. Our instructors are experienced and passionate professionals that are able to perform a variety of dances to suit your needs. They carry themselves with the highest levels of professionalism and grace, and are sure to delight everyone involved.

Increase staff motivation and learn about Thai culture all at once!

In addition to the dance itself, our instructors will also explain the origin and style of dance to your team. Our talented performers are dedicated to preserving their cultural heritage as well as the authenticity and tradition of their art, and they do this expertly through their choreography and skill. Sharing a new and unique experience together is one of the best ways to quickly improve staff motivation. The fact that most of your team will not be familiar with this style of dance will allow strong team bonding throughout the experience.

Traditional Thai dance is beautiful to watch, and this is one experience you definitely don’t want to miss whether you are based in Bangkok or are here for a conference. Team bonding will occur while they learn this stunning art form together and encourage each other to do their best. Dancing is also known to relieve stress, making this the perfect team bonding activity for team bonding, or for any teams that need a boost in staff motivation!


    • Enhances group collaboration
    • Increase team spirit
    • Release stress
    • Learn about Thai culture


    • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
    • Time: 1 hour
    • Activity Type: Indoor / outdoor
    • Energy level: 3


    Bangkok, Pattaya