Thai Crafts
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Thai Crafts as a Vehicle for Cross Functional Collaboration

If you’ve ever wondered how to improve employee motivation, we have unique and effective solutions for you! Thai crafts are known throughout the world for their beauty and elegance. Our team of passionate authentic Thai craft professionals is here to introduce your team to the art of Thai handicrafts. We have a variety of different crafts that you can try to make, including lotus flower, flower bracelet, kratong, etc. These activities allow your team to explore their creative side and to improve cross functional collaboration as they support and encourage each other through the process of learning a new skill.

Want to know how to improve employee motivation? Give them a fun and interesting activity to work on together!

If you are in Thailand for a seminar or conference, this is a great introduction to Thai culture for your employees. There is no previous experience required, making it great for cross functional collaboration, as any type of team or department can be involved in this activity. Learning a new skill together is perfect when it comes to how to improve employee motivation. Seeing their finished handicrafts is sure to create a sense of pride and accomplishment in your team that will carry into the workplace. Each team member will also be able to take their finished handicraft home, to keep as a reminder of this unforgettable experience!

There is no perfect solution for how to improve employee motivation but this workshop definitely comes close! Bringing different departments together through this easy activity will allow your staff to build close relationships and improve cross functional collaboration within the full corporate structure. Learn more about the different handicraft workshops we have today!


    • Enhances group collaboration
    • Increase team spirit
    • Learn about Thai culture


    • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
    • Time: 1 hour
    • Activity Type: Indoor / outdoor
    • Energy level: 2


    Bangkok, Pattaya


1 Hour