Thai Cooking Class
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Improve Teamwork Skills and Enjoy the Delights of Thai Cooking!

Have you already tried Thai cooking class in Bangkok? This is a really funny and cultural experience as a Teambuilding in Thailand! Thai food is not really complicated to create, and this is so tasty! Come with us in Bangkok to try our special corporate event Thai cooking class. This kind of activity is designed for all of the people that have or not cooking skills.

There are two options for the course of this Teambuilding in Bangkok. The first one is concerning big groups: we are separating the group in team that will cook the same dish with the same ingredients. The second one is for small groups: you will cook all together with the best harmony possible. In both cases, the operations will have to be well managed, because working as a restaurant in a kitchen is stressful, and the organisation has to be quite strict in order to reach the maximum efficiency. Everyone will have a function in the recipe making process, depending on what they feel more comfortable with.

This Teambuilding will allow you to show your skills in management, problem solving. This situation is definitely different from the office, but really fun as well! You will create together some really tasty food, it will reinforce your team, but also satisfy your taste of good food.

Our professional Thai Chef coming from Bangkok will help you to create the best dishes and give you as much tips and secrets as possible. At the end of the corporate event, everybody will try the food and share a friendly moment. During this team-building, you will learn a lot and come back to your home with new recipes and tips. We hope that you will also come back to the office with a new atmosphere, and a new relationship with the management.

If you have chosen the one-day teambuilding, you will try the dishes during the gala dinner, and share the different cooking secrets that you’ve learned during the day.

We can also provide you some other type of dishes if you would like to, like French or south America typical food.


    • Enhances group collaboration
    • Highly enjoyable and entertaining
    • Discovering a culture
    • Experiment a new type on management


    • Number of participants: 10 to 60 People
    • Time: half day
    • Activity Type: Indoor
    • Energy level: 2


    Bangkok, Pattaya


Half Day