Thai Boxing
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Boost Team Spirit with Muay Thai

You can’t come to the “Land of Smiles” without experiencing the national sport: Muay Thai Boxing. A lot of Thai people practice the sport, and there are Thai Boxing Gyms everywhere in the country, with fights being held all the time. This sport’s roots are as ancient as the culture itself, and it is both impressive to watch and amazing to practice.
Is your team feeling lackluster? Do they need to blow off some steam? Do you want them to understand Thai culture better? Or perhaps you want it all? Then this is one of the best team activities we have! Punching something is probably the best way to make stress disappear. Cheer your teammates on and boost team spirit with this activity! And as Thai Boxing is so integrated into the Thai culture, this is the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. As Muay Thai Boxing is a martial art, the purpose is not just to learn to defend oneself, but also to learn to respect others and practice self-control.

One of the best team activities to learn about Thai culture and supercharge team performance all at once

Listen, watch, and learn the basics from the best instructors available in Bangkok. After the lesson, you will have the opportunity spar with each other, to see who listened the best and who is the most capable. Experiencing something new with teammates and engaging in light competition is a fantastic way to quickly boost team spirit! The level of the course can be of course adapted to suit the level of your employees in Thai Boxing, from absolute beginners to Thai champions in the discipline. So be ready to kick, punch and avoid whatever is coming towards you!


    • Enhances group collaboration
    • Increase team spirit
    • Release stress
    • Learn about Thai culture
    • inspires competitiveness


    • Number of participants: 10 to 100 People
    • Time: 2 hours
    • Activity Type: Indoor / outdoor
    • Energy level: 4


    Bangkok, Pattaya