Stage Lighting
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Find the Best Professional Stage Lighting for your Conference or Other MICE Event in Thailand

As part of our commitment to helping you plan and host a standout conference or other MICE event, we have a variety of amazing, state of the art sound and light equipment rentals available for you to use! No matter what the occasion, your event can be elevated instantly with great music played on top of the line speakers, and professional stage lighting to draw set the mood and draw full attention to the events on stage.

There is no better way to make your event truly stand out than with professional-level lighting and sound. Perfectly executed stage lighting is the fastest way to make a real impact on your guests and leave a lasting impressing. As a top event planner, you can rely on us to work with you and our professional lighting designers to create the perfect lighting to fit the mood and itinerary for your conference or event.

As a full-service event planner we offer a variety of professional lighting services to suit your needs whatever they may be

We are committed to offering the highest levels of professionalism, reliability and convenience. This makes us the best event planner for you to come to with your lighting needs. In addition to the lighting design, we will handle everything from the transportation to the set-up and configuration for you. Whether you are looking for spotlights, disco lights, smoke machines, confetti or something else, we have you covered!

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so we are happy to accommodate any music requests – you can even create your own playlist for the conference! Contact us now with your sound and light equipment rental requirements, and we will send you a personalized quotation.