Ramp Run

The best problem solving activities are not only challenging but also fun. This is the best way to ensure that your employees are fully engaged and actively thinking. The Ramp Run is a highly collaborative team activity gets teams to exercise all the key aspects of effective teamwork.

Ramp Run is one of our best problem solving activities!

Your group will be divided into two teams, each team has to build a 4 Meter long ramp out of recycled newspaper and card. The winning team is the team that is able to roll a tennis ball down the ramp and goes the furthest distance. In order to succeed at these problem solving activities, your team will have to think outside of the box and work with the limited resources they have in order to be successful. 

Effective planning, communication, time management, and proactive collaboration are essentials for a team to complete these team building games. With a clear, simple goal, these problem solving activities will encourage every member of your team to share their ideas, and then work together to build the final structure. Although the experience is fun and relaxing, it teaches important skills for teamwork that can be applied to the workplace. Whether it’s listening to others, communicating effectively, or strategic planning, your employees will be able to focus on and hone these skills for success!


  • Applauds and rewards “outside-the-box” solutions
  • Relies upon innovative leadership
  • Encourages creative problems-solving ideas
  • Stimulates solution focused thinking
  • Fosters collaborations and team ownership of ideas
  • Drums up creativity and originality
  • Provides guidelines for future success
  • Encourages team members to share their voice


  • Number of participants: 50 People
  • Time: 1 hour including brief
  • Activity Type: Indoor /outdoor
  • Energy Level : 2


Bangkok, Pattaya

ramp run
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