Raft Building

You’re guaranteed to get wet with this fun team event ideal for groups of any size. Raft building is highly focused on good teamwork: leadership, balanced participation, open and clear communication, clear goals and more. Raft building is a great example of team building games that are fun and truly effective – the hands-on nature of the activity ensures that your team will be fully focused and learning throughout!

The event has several stages of team building games. It starts with a planning phase in which teams are given time to design their rafts. None of the raft equipment can be touched during this stage, it will be placed on a local beach close to your chosen hotel. Your team will brainstorm and plan out a raft design together, encouraging creative thinking and design, communication, and collaboration. Good teamwork is required to envision the raft and come up with a stable and secure design.

Try some outdoor team building games to really engage and excite your staff!

Each team is then given bamboo, floats, tires, rope, and wood to construct their raft. The first team to complete their raft gets bonus points and then each raft is subjected to a safety check. Once all teams pass the safety requirements, they each take their raft down to the water’s edge. 

The next stage of the team building games is the most fun – teams climb onto their rafts for a period of time in the hope that their raft doesn’t fall apart! The raft must be large enough to carry teams through a series of races where the real test is to see how long they will last. This is a great way to encourage good teamwork skills that can be carried into the workplace!

We can also add more waterside team building games to this fun Raft Building event or perhaps some beach sports, giving your group a fun-filled day on the beach!


  • Encourages out of the box and creative thinking
  • Enhances group collaboration
  • Promotes team spirit
  • Brings out individual’s personalities
  • Quantifies goal


  • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
  • Time: 2-3 hours including brief
  • Activity Type: outdoor
  • Energy level: 3


Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Kao Yai, Hua Hin

raft building
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