Plant A Tree
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Socially Responsible Corporate Activities – Planting Trees

Deforestation and the loss of green spaces is a major global issue. In Bangkok, green spaces become more and more limited every day with the increase in urbanization and the development of different areas of town. Plants and trees are vital for the health of our planet; they take in carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and can help in the fight against global warming. They are also integral parts of the ecosystem, and losing too many of them will surely lead to losing other species as well. If you’re looking for eco-friendly team building activities for work, why not plant trees?

Promote eco-friendly behavior with one of our best team building activities for work

This event offers great corporate activities that are socially responsible, eco-friendly, and engaging for your team. Planting trees is a fantastic way to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a beautiful, tranquil space. This is one of the best team building activities for work, as it gives you the opportunity to bring your team together behind a shared goal, and your team is sure to appreciate some time out of the office and being able to get some fresh air. As one of our most rewarding corporate activities, you won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. Throughout the event, your team will encounter a number of puzzles which, if completed successfully could win you tokens. Collect as many tokens as you can to win fun prizes. This is a great option for teams looking to support the environment and enjoy a fun day out together.


    • An eco-friendly way to make a difference
    • Teambuilding with a purpose
    • A healthy, sociable and useful way to bring a team together in the fresh air
    • Encourages team spirit


    • Number of participants: 10 to 100 People
    • Time: 2 hours
    • Activity Type: Outdoor
    • Energy level: 3


    Bangkok, Pattaya