The long story of patchwork begins either in Egypt and China, the oldest proof of this use of technic put us back five thousand years ago. Nowadays, one of our most bounding activity for our Team-buildings in Thailand is this old practice of Patchwork. The principle is quite simple, this is some pieces of fabric that you will sew together in order to make a big, beautiful and colored piece of fabric. In Bangkok, this kind of teambuilding is really trendy because this is really chill and soothing.

As a Team-building, patchworking is a great Idea for your company. Don’t worry, learning how to sew is super easy and it can be learned in few minutes. The goal of this corporate event in Bangkok is to teach you the technic of the patchwork, but this is definitely not it. Indeed, every employee will take a time to select his fabric and will have to work with the others to make something harmonious when all of the little pieces will be sewed together. This is a super original Idea as a corporate event in Thailand, it will represent perfectly the values of your company, and this will develop the links of your team.

Technically, the patchwork teambuilding will process this way:

As teams, your employees will choose one piece of fabric, according to the general idea of the team. For example, the team can choose to represent the logo of the company, or a pattern that matters for them and that is corresponding to the culture of the company. In Bangkok, we can find a lot of wonderful Thai fabric and meet the needs and demand of color and pattern of all of the employees. 

Then everybody will learn how to sew and put the pieces of fabric together in order to create the pattern. The last step of this teambuilding in Bangkok will be the presentation of what every team has done. Each group has to prepare one little text to explain how they processed, the problems that they had maybe met in the pattern creating process and how they have solved them. This is the occasion to discuss about what they have done, this is a sharing moment!

If you have chosen to make a one-day Teambuilding in Bangkok, we can show and discuss during the gala dinner, and show all of the patchworks as an art gallery exhibition!

This Patchwork activity in Bangkok is a great corporate event to show your problem-solving skills, open the discussion and the creativity between employees, and finally think about the values and the culture of the company.


  • Promotes creative thinking and design
  • Encourages team spirit
  • Bound the team
  • Learn about the culture of the company


  • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Activity Type: Indoor
  • Energy level: 1
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