Mud Camp

You know the saying – sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. With mud. Bolster discipline, collaboration, and communication to supercharge your team’s performance by getting down and dirty in a lot of mud. This team challenge is military-style boot camp developed to develop and reinforce important qualities needed for a high-functioning team. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Yes, there will be mud. Mud everywhere. You’ll be dreaming about mud the next night. Walking in the mud, running in the mud, falling in the mud, swimming in the mud, maybe eating a little mud as well. But you’ll love it. And why shouldn’t you? This day, no this journey, is going to bring you much more.

Cultivate discipline, resilience, and a supportive environment with this exciting team challenge

Our Mud Camp is full of outdoor team building activities and obstacles that you will be forced to face head-on. This team challenge will demand that your team members confront and overcome difficult situations as a cohesive unit. It will test their strength, and their fortitude, while simultaneously encouraging open communication and a supportive environment to bring victory to the whole team.

Mud Camp is a team challenge that will teach your staff how to work together to solve problems and persevere through hard times. It will teach military discipline in a fun, pressure-free environment so your staff will feel EMPOWERED and not intimidated. Encouraging team members to make it through the tough times will foster close relationships among your staff, boosting their productivity and reinforcing a sense of loyalty to the team and the company as a whole. 

At the individual level, the obstacles will foster fortitude and confidence. You’ll hear things like “I can’t do that!” or “there’s no way” more than ever as you make your way through the outdoor team building activities, but by the end of the day it will be replaced with “I did it!” and “I can do anything”.

So, yes, there is a lot of mud in out Mud Camp. You WILL get dirty. But this Mud Camp challenge will make your team closer and stronger than ever. Besides, we’ve heard mud is amazing for the skin. And we guarantee you will never take the clean, air-conditioned environment of the office for granted after being waist-deep in the mud and making it through all of our outdoor team building activities.


  • Relieve stress
  • Engage in physical activity
  • Develop trust, grit, and communication skills
  • Foster close relationships within your team


  • Number of participants: 10 to 100 People
  • Time: Half day
  • Activity Type: Outdoor
  • Energy level: 4



mud camp
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