You start with a simple subject or a picture and expand on it. It is one of the best problem solving tools, for both professional and personal issues. The ultimate purpose is to find all the things that can be connected to the subject or picture, in one way or another. The whole process helps to develop decision making and problem solving strategies, that can be directly applied to workplace challenges now and in the future.

The whole process of developing decision making and problem solving strategies seems extremely complex and tedious. We are proponents of making problem solving tools FUN to learn about, so how can we turn this into a game? By introducing competition of course! Which team can find the most connections in the given time? Which team can find 20 connections is the least amount of time? Or we can split the people into groups of two, and one has a subject to examine and the other one takes notes. Then on the second subject or picture, the observer can try to guess what the other one would say.

Develop decision making and problem solving strategies through mindmapping

Mindmapping a very good way to understand how people think if they are more rational/logical than irrational/creative, or the other way around. This makes it easy to cultivate effective decision making and problem solving strategies to use in the future. Mindmapping helps us understand who to rely on for a particular task, which person thinks the same way you do, or just simply to get to know each other better. It is a small activity that can equip your team members with the problem solving tools they need to succeed.


  • Promotes creative thinking and design



  • Number of participants: 10 to 100 People
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Activity Type: Indoor
  • Energy level: 2
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