Master Chef Cooking Challenge

The Master chef cooking challenge is a really fun idea of Teambuilding that is taking place in Thailand! Do you know the concept of Master chef? Well, the goal is simple, you have to create the most creative, best looking and best tasting dish. It has to be done with some specific ingredients given on a list. We are proposing the same concept, but adapted to a corporate event, in Bangkok.

Our Teambuilding is made on the same base than the TV show. There are three different teamwork activities that we are providing you, related to this master chef experience. The first one consists of a race in teams in Bangkok, searching for different ingredients in the most local markets that Bangkok has to offer. We will guide you to find everything in this jungle. The Master Chef Cooking Challenge will allow you to develop your collaboration skills: this is a good way to discover more about the skills and personalities that are present in your team.

Once we have all of the ingredients that are needed, we are starting the second step of the Teambuilding: each group is going to create three different dishes coming from Thailand, with the same base of ingredients for every team. We will let you some time to create some awesome stuffs, we are sure that you can be great Thai cookers.

Finally, the third step will go on: the judgement! The master chefs that we will select will decide which team has made the best work. Of course, everybody will try the food, a great time to enjoy what has been cooked! The Teambuilding will finish with a little reward ceremony to give a gift to the best team, a nice and fun moment in Bangkok!

The Master Chef Cooking Challenge will allow you to reinforce the links of your team in a nice competition, discover the Thai traditional food and the Thai culture.


  • Encourages collaboration
  • Promotes positive communication
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Highlights the need for strategy
  • Reinforces the need for feedback
  • Promotes team spirit


  • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
  • Time: 2-5 hours including brief
  • Activity Type: Outdoor/Indoor
  • Energy level : 2


Bangkok, Pattaya

master chef cooking challenge
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