Lego Challenge

This is one of the easiest but most fun teamwork activities that we have to offer. The Lego land team building session is made up of fun, yet strategic team building activities that provide challenges for the participants to solve. Each of the Lego challenges can be designed as metaphors for challenges and problems that the participants may face in the workplace. These team building activities will improve problem solving skills within your team, as they will be forced to come up with unique and creative solutions to complete each challenge.

Lego Challenge is a great activity for any type of team – the barrier to entry is extremely low, the team building activities are safe, and there is no prior experience or skill needed in order to participate. This activity is great for indoor team building session or when the participants would prefer an activity that requires more strategic thinking than energy.

A variety of fun Lego-based teamwork activities to supercharge creative thinking

Lego land allows the participants to find or create solutions that can be implemented in the session and carried over into the workplace. It will improve problem solving skills as well as collaboration, as your team will be forced to work together and contribute their ideas in order to achieve the final goal. The activities can be designed to promote leadership, innovation, team development, communication, problem solving. Contact us now to learn more about the different challenges and how Lego can supercharge your team and improve problem solving skills.


  • Encourages out of the box and creative thinking
  • Enhances group collaboration
  • Promotes strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Highlights leadership and collaboration


  • Number of participants: 10 to 90 People
  • Time: 2-3 hours including brief
  • Activity Type: Indoor /outdoor
  • Energy level: 2


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lego challenge
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