Football is one the most popular sports in the world, and one of the most practiced sports in the world. This sport is so famous that everyone knows how to play it, as its basic rules are so simple. But football as a few problems, that can complicate its practice. The three main reasons are the number of players, the size of the pitch required and the fact that it is an outdoor sport. There is a simple solution to keep the perks of football and to fix its bugs, and this solution is called futsal.

Futsal is an indoor version of football, with a smaller pitch, therefore requiring a limited amount of players. This shorter pitch has a considerable impact on the style of the game. As the pitch is not long and large enough to dribble your direct opponent using purely speed, futsal ask from the players more finesse. A fast passing technic and some great dribbling skills will help you win. The game is quite intense, there are no breaks to catch your breath, and the players are always involved. Which makes this activity quite tiring, but spectacular and very entertaining.

As every team sport, communication is key, especially non-verbal communication. Sport is also a fantastic tool to manage the stress within your company. If the activity is organized as a tournament, it will bring even more benefits at the end of the day.

This solution is so well made that it is sometimes difficult to book it for a given date. This is why our company Team Building Bangkok is the company to go to in case you ever feel the envy to try this sport. If you do, get ready to spend a fantastic day playing futsal!


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