Fruit Carving
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Improve Creativity While Learning about Thai Culture

The markets and street foods in Thailand abound of beautiful colors. The brightest colors are those of the fruits. Fruits in Thailand have a rare quality and they are very fresh. Eating them is a true pleasure. But this activity is not about eating fruits, it is about carving them. It’s one of the most fun group activities to improve creativity that your team is sure to love!

Let the watermelon and creative juices flow with one of our most fun group activities

Fruit carving is a special form of sculpture, the ephemeral type of sculpture, similar to ice sculpture. You and your team will be given fruits to carve, usually big fruits like watermelons. Sculpting a watermelon is actually quite easy – the fruit is big and the flesh is soft, which means there is not only room for mistakes, but also for your imagination to run absolutely wild! Having this much freedom of choice in what to carve is perfect to improve creativity among your team members.
Teams can be organized, and competitions thrown. The purpose is to create a picture, by assembling all the finished fruit carvings together. The best picture will win the competition. This means that not only will the activity improve creativity, but it will encourage your team to collaborate and communicate in order to create a cohesive final picture. It encourages your team to think about how the small details in their individual carvings will fit in and contribute to the final “big picture”.

This is one of our most accessible group activities – there is no need for any previous experience in fruit carving for you to participate. And after you eat the fruits. So actually, this was about eating fruits, but only after you improve your creativity by carving it.


    • Promotes creative thinking and design
    • Learn about Thai culture


    • Number of participants: 10 to 100 People
    • Time: 2 hours
    • Activity Type: Indoor/ Outdoor
    • Energy level: 2


    Bangkok, Pattaya