Fear Factor
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Fear Factor Challange - Fun activities to engage your team!
Fear Factor Team Building Pattaya. Our team building Pattaya and Bangkok Fear Factor event is not for the squeamish! This is one of the most exciting and engaging team building activities for adults that we have to offer – don’t miss out!
What are the scariest thoughts that exist within your team’s imagination? Things that go bump in the night. Sweet dreams turning into blood curdling nightmares! Face your fears alongside your coworkers and get stronger together as a team! Our Fear Factor team building experience is full of fun activities and exciting challenges to get your adrenaline pumping! Feel the sensation of creepy crawlies rummaging around your body or if you want something a little less intense, why not cuddle with a tiger!

Full of exciting challenges and a healthy dose of competition, this is one of our most unique team building activities for adults.

Fear Factor Team Building Pattaya Challenges

Overcome your teamwork fears and become a king amongst men, a queen amongst women. Honour and prestige will be bestowed upon you and see team members look at you with awe and wonder. Some of the fun activities that you can participate in during this experience include:
Scorpion King:

Silent, scary, deadly! They creep around on the lookout for new victims. Does your team dare to enter the cave? Do you have the nerve? Do you have the courage to take on these creatures? Confront your fear of these eight-legged fiends and do not be afraid of their grasping claws and stinger. But don’t forget. Resist the urge to scream!
Hug a Tiger:

This is a wonderful chance to hug one of the largest kitties in the world with canines up to 4 inches long! Dare you wander into this solitary and territorial animal’s domain?
Bungee Jumping:

Hurtling through the sky, feeling as free as a bird with no restrictions! Nothing can hold you back and nothing can stop you… except the bungee rope, of course. Dive right into your fear of heights with this adrenaline-fuled challenge!
Do you Feel Lucky Punk:

One of the best team building activities for adults – here you’ll have the amazing opportunity to fire off one of the most powerful handguns in the world. A .45 Magnum! I know what you’re thinking: Did he fire six shots, or only five?
A Kiss before Midnight:

She is beautiful! She’s a charmer and you all have the chance to give her a French kiss! Did we forget to mention she is also an Orang-utan!
Snack Time:

They’re crunchy. They’re crispy. At last, something to get your teeth into! Come along and taste the delicacies of Issan bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies! We are now able to offer you the whole range of these little darlings from the insect world. Fried, boiled, barbecued. The choice is yours. Don’t worry, we hear they’re packed with protein!


    • Face your fears with support from your colleagues
    • Explore each other’s strengths
    • Increase team spirit while you compete in fun activities
    • Improve relationships between team members


    • Number of participants: 10-100 People
    • Time: Full day
    • Activity Type: Outdoor
    • Energy Level : 3