Fear Factor

Do you have any phobias or irrational fears? Are you scared of insects? Maybe a fear of height? This team building activity is your chance to get over those fears and prepare for the apocalypse. The world is going into a downward spiral and who knows what awaits for us in the future. Now is the time to get ready.

For the most daring, transform your corporate event into a well-known Fear Factor episode and see what your colleagues are capable of. In reality, see what you are capable of. Indeed, this is not only a corporate event or team building activity but also a personal introspection into what you are able or not to do, a true self-control exercise.

Thailand is well known for its impressive insects, its unusual culture, its atypical food. Get a taste of it all here in Bangkok during your corporate event and face your fears. Dare yourself and your team to eat a scorpion, to wrap a snake around your neck, to eat and drink odd food and beverages, among many other activities.

This team building activity can even be turned into a competition where the most adventure and fearless team wins. This is up to you! We are sure that you will surprise everyone, yourself included. Follow the yes theory and say yes to things you have never tried before.

The point of fear factor team building activity is to make you go outside of your comfort zone and to test your limits and fears. This requires a great deal of courage, of team spirit, and of positive attitude, a great recipe for a successful corporate event in Bangkok.

But most of all, the point of this corporate event is to discover and try things you would have never tried on a normal day. Who knows, you might even like some of them. And if not, it’s always a great story to tell!


  • Face your fears with support from your colleagues
  • Explore each other’s strengths
  • Increase team spirit while you compete in fun activities
  • Improve relationships between team members


  • Number of participants: 10-100 People
  • Time: Full day
  • Activity Type: Outdoor
  • Energy Level : 3



Fear Factor

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