• Where in
    Thailand do you hold corporate events? Elsewhere than Thailand?

    • Our
      corporate team building events take place mostly in Bangkok, indoors or
      outdoors depending on the activities chosen by your company. We emphasize that
      we offer programs which contrast the fast pace of the city and the calm of the
      nature. If your team comes from abroad or wants something different, we also
      have partners in Sai Yok Hua Hin, Pataya, Pucket, Kanchanaburi.

  • Do you
    organize CSR events and activities?

    • Our offer
      is 100 percent customizable to your needs. We have done several CSR activities
      in the past such as planting trees or repairing bikes. We also have
      partnerships with several schools in Bangkok and can plan activities with the
      kids. We can also organize more various activities such as a treasure hunt
      rhythmed by CSR missions.

  • Are all
    the programs and activities you offer on the website?

    • No, we
      have a much larger variety of activities, going from all the trails we offer,
      all the customizable activities, with different lengths, inside or outside.
      Everything is customizable to fit your needs. Plus, there are always new
      activities to plan and to discover.

  • What is
    the minimum/maximum capacity for your events?

    • It depends
      on your demand! Always customizable. If you want, we offer a free trail once a
      month for one or two members of your company so you can get a taste of what we
      offer before booking us for your event!

  • What is
    the duration of your events?

    • Usually
      the minimum duration is half day (morning or afternoon). Most companies choose
      full day events to enjoy the entire team building experience. We can also
      organize overnight stays and entire weekends.

  • Are the
    activities and general trails risky?

    • We always
      carry a first aid kit with us, if your trail includes boat transportation, we
      provide a life jacket for each participant, if your trail includes bicycles we
      can provide helmets, if you require we can provide a trained nurse.

  • What is
    included in the basic price?

    • In the
      price we include water for all participants, raincoats if need be, professional
      teachers and trainers (for thai dancing and thai boxing for example),
      transportation within the event, and all the equipment needed for the
      activities chosen.

  • Do you handle hotel bookings or hotel transports?
    • Hotel booking and transportation can be done by us but will not be included in the initial price. We can also arrange transportation from and to the airport or any location you’d like.

  • What kind of payment methods do you use?
    • We accept transfers or cash. We ask for a 50%
      deposit before the event, and the rest after the event.

  • Until when
    is it possible to modify the booking?

    • As
      everything we offer is customizable, the booking can be modified all the way
      until the invoice is signed. After this, it is possible to change some details
      but not main core of the event.

  • What kind
    of clothes do you recommend the participants to wear?

    • The
      outfits depend on the kind of event that you wish to plan. For trails within
      Bangkok, sport days or team-building activities in general, we recommend that
      you wear sportswear. For games more focused on brainstorming, or for the night
      trail, you can wear regular clothing. The must is to wear comfortable shoes as
      you will be standing and/or walking for a while.

  • Is there a
    place to change before/during/after the event if needed?

    • This
      depends on where the event takes place. Almost all of the time it is somewhere
      where the is a public bathroom where participants can change and freshen up. If
      there is not public bathroom, we can arrange to use the bathrooms of nearby

  • What
    happens if the weather is bad?

    • If the
      weather is bad there are two main solutions. Either there is just a drizzle,
      very light rain, in which case we provide raincoats for everyone. Or it is
      pouring rain, in which case we always have a backup solution such as renting an
      indoor room where all the activities planned can be done.

  • What are
    the opening hours?

    • We are
      open from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm, please feel free to send us a
      request, email, or to give us a call!

  • Is there a
    vegetarian, vegan, or other special menu regarding food?

    • All the
      cooking activities we offer can be done vegan, and the places where we have
      lunch are foodcourts or restaurants where it is easy to ask for specific
      requirements, just make sure you warn us in advance!

  • I lost
    something, what do I do now?

    • If you
      lost something during an event, please give us a call immediately and we will
      do our best to find it. If we find it, we will send it to your house or to your
      office, which ever is easier for you.

  • Other

    • Please
      contact us directly on the website, we will get back to you in a short delay.