CSR Movie Making
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Employee Development for a Good Cause – CSR Movie Making
Similar to our normal movie making activity, but with a socially responsible twist – your team will be challenged to create a movie with an important social message. Your team will be tasked with creating their very own movie, their only limitation is that it has to have an educational message so that it can be shown to children. Whether you want to promote healthy habits like eating vegetables or exercising, or if you want to promote good values like taking care of the environment, your team will work together to create a movie.

This is a fantastic event for employee development. Creating a movie is an incredibly long and time-consuming process, that requires a huge amount of work from everyone involved. This makes moviemaking the perfect activity to improve cross team collaboration!

If you’re looking for the best way to improve cross functional team collaboration and creativity, our CSR movie making event is the perfect option for you!

Right from the beginning of the activity, your team will be focused on a shared goal or vision. This activity offers the chance for employee development in a variety of areas from communication and collaboration to delegating tasks and creative thinking. This makes it perfect for developing a strong cross functional team. The event has 3 main stages:
1. The planning/creation of your storyboard and dialogue
2. Shooting
3. Editing

In order to make the event run smoothly, we will provide props, as well as tips on effective shooting, lighting, sound, effects, acting etc. to enable you to create more professional and entertaining movies. This is a fantastic cross functional team activity. It gives your team the chance to work together on a project outside of the workplace, where they can collaborate, share ideas, and get to know each other. And then there’s the added benefit of giving back to the local community by educating others.


    • Promotes creative thinking and design
    • CSR oriented
    • Encourages team spirit


    • Number of participants: 10 to 40 People
    • Time: 3 hours
    • Activity Type: Indoor/ Outdoor
    • Energy level: 2


    Bangkok, Pattaya