Corporate Branding
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Corporate Branding Teambuilding Workshop

In our Corporate Branding workshop, your team will be challenge to use their practical business abilities to take an idea from inception to becoming a viable, marketable product. Teams will have to employ their creativity to sell their brand vision and strategy to a panel of judges that each represent different industry perspectives and demands, with awards for the best. The corporate branding workshop is an educational event that guides teams through a series of brand creation strategies, providing them with the team collaboration tools need to ensure effective project management. The workshop has 3 main stages:

1. Teams will work together to come up with an idea – they will use business team collaboration tools to think up new product ideas and target markets. You can specifcy that they think within your company’s industry, or you can open it up to completely new industries to get even more creative ideas.
2. Teams will choose a product and start to work on the corporate branding – they will create logos as well as a comprehensive and marketable brand identity. They will also be able to create artwork, visual models, and written materials to accompany their pitch. They will have time to rehearse and fine-tune their pitch before presenting.
3. Presentation time: your team will present their idea to the panel of judges. They will explore different aspects of their corporate branding, explain their campaign strategy, and answer questions from the judges. The day will end with a final award for the Best Brand.

This workshop teaches team collaboration tools to help your team develop their collaboration skills

This activity is intensive but extremely effective in teaching the principles of corporate branding, and providing your employees with team collaboration tools that can be directly applied to the workplace. They will be tested on their innovation and marketing skills, in addition to how well they can integrate their ideas with existing demands of consumer markets.


    • Create strategies for effective communication
    • Think out of the box
    • Explore each others strengths
    • Increases team spirit
    • Improves relationships


    • Number of participants: 10-100 People
    • Time: 3 hours including brief
    • Activity Type: Indoor
    • Energy Level : 1


    Bangkok, Pattaya