Compass Personality
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Strengthen Team Working Relationship

The foundation of true team cohesiveness lies in the working relationship among team members. When your team understands themselves and each other, they are able to better communicate and collaborate in an effective manner. The Compass Personality exercise offers all of this to your staff. Participants will be given a simple tool to identify different personality types in the workplace and learn about how each type behaves, as well as communication strategies that work best for each personality type. This is a fun, engaging way for your team to learn more about themselves and each other, and to work on strengthening their workplace relationship as well as strategizing how to use their strengths to their advantage.

Improve team cohesiveness by giving your staff the opportunity to learn more about each other and themselves

This is an excellent way to quickly improve team cohesiveness. First of all, it allows team members to better understand and communicate with each other, which will improve their working relationship. However, this activity also offers the opportunity for individual team members to learn more about themselves and to understand where their main strengths and weaknesses may lie. This experience is sure to enlighten your team to new strategies for communication, as well as new approaches to how they tackle problems as individuals, which is guaranteed to improve their overall team cohesiveness and performance in the workplace. The insight that your team will receive from participating in this activity is truly priceless – don’t miss out, book this activity today!


    • Understand personality types and differences
    • Cultivate an approach for effective communication
    • Develop a closer working relationship among teammates
    • Create guidelines for working with different personalities
    • Explore strengths within the team
    • Spreads team spirit


    • Number of participants: 50 People
    • Time: 1 hour including brief
    • Activity Type: Indoor
    • Energy Level : 2


    Bangkok, Pattaya