Circus Challenge

As a corporate event in Bangkok, you and your team get the opportunity today to become a caravan circus that is travelling in Thailand and just arrived in the beautiful city of Bangkok for a brand-new representation. Imagine that you are a team of circus artists: this is the situation of our circus challenge event!  

You and your colleagues will perform many different circuses show in order to impress the public of Bangkok today. Juggling, balancing, dancing, it’s your turn to be the artists in our corporate event, and you can choose the show that you feel more comfortable with, to be able to perform in front of the Thai public. This is one of the most original Teambuilding Idea of Thailand.

To begin your performance, and our Teambuilding, you will need to create a Bild to promote your team of performers in Bangkok! Let’s put your faces on it, find the name of your company… It’s totally up to you. The different team members got to be in a total collision to create all of the elements. This kind of corporate event will allow you to improve your teamwork skills and know your co-workers better.

What is a circus show without costumes and make-up? In our circus challenge, you can dress up as clowns, traditional Thai dancers, as you prefer, but it should be adapted to the show that you have chosen. Here in Thailand we can give you more typical Thai costumes, or more “classic circus” outfits.

Now the preparation can begin! Let’s practice juggling, balancing, clubs, knifes with our circus expert. Let’s express the circus artist that is inside of you. You have to enjoy this corporate meeting as much as you can but practice seriously, the final representation of this new circus company of Thailand is coming…

You can work with our animals as well. Don’t worry, all of them are well treated and we take really care of them. This is a good thing to add the contact with animals in the circus challenge, it improves the organisational and problem-solving skills. Indeed, this is going out of the context of the office and require good organisation.

Finally, during the circus challenge, you can enjoy some traditional Thai songs and dances with our “little people” that are happy to perform with you in this corporate event. One last dance, one last song and you are ready for the show…

We will set up for you an authentic circus setting in our city of Bangkok. It will put you in the best atmosphere for your performance, this is your turn to show to everybody what you’ve learned today with your team during this Teambuilding experience!

Finally, if you are doing a one-day Teambuilding, a possibility is to do the final representation during a gala dinner! As a show, you can put in practice what you’ve learnt in front of the others during a nice dinner from Thailand. This is a good way to finish the day with a fun representation!


  • Use creativity to impress your public
  • Think out of the box
  • Explore each other’s strengths
  • Increases team spirit
  • Improves relationships
  • An incredible fun day!


  • Number of participants: 10-200 People
  • Time: 3 hours including a brief
  • Activity Type: Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Energy Level : 3

Circus Challenge

circus challenge
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