Blind Test

Have you ever been in a shop or in a restaurant and you hear that song you know but you cannot remember its title? One of our group games is perfect for this feeling of frustration. All you need to do is lose your eyes and open your ears. Listen and feel the music. Nod your head to the rhythm. And try to recognize the song. The first few notes are the most important. Be fast, be precise, and be correct.

Precision and attention to detail are important to this game. You and your team only have one shot. Because you have to find the artist name and the song’s title, and they have to be exact. This one of our group games obviously demands a great music knowledge. Competing as a team, you will have to ensure that each member has a different taste in music to ensure effective team collaboration.

Our blind test improves team collaboration and is one of our simple yet enjoyable group games!

Part of effective team collaboration lies in communication, which this game helps develop. People have to communicate very fast and in few words. It will encourage your team to work effectively in a high-pressure situation, but the simulation is a low-stakes situation where your team will feel more comfortable.

Why? Because of music. Music is the representation of feelings and sensations through sounds. Music transports us to our own happy place, right from the first notes. It makes us dance, dream, relax, or simply feel better. Our blind test is one of the best things to help us go through a rough time, so why wouldn’t it help your staff improve their happiness in the office, their motivation to work, and their relationships within the company.

So, DJ, please turn on the music and let’s party!


  • Enhances group collaboration
  • Highly enjoyable and entertaining


  • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Activity Type: Indoor
  • Energy level: 2



Blind Test

blind test
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