Aroma Guessing

The world around us is made of images, textures, tastes, noises and smells that we have to evaluate. This is why we have five senses. Using these five senses, or a combination of a few, we are able to define our surroundings. But our team building exercises challenge you – so this one limits your use of senses to just one.

One of our most simple but fun team building exercises

This is the sense of smell. Our weakest sense. We use this sense differently than other mammals, like dogs. While some smells can be easily identified, such as lavender or coffee, we humans have trouble coping with a combination of smells. So we usually identify these smells using our other senses. But if you train your sense of smell, it becomes very useful. Some jobs are only based on your nose’s capabilities: perfumer or wine maker to cite a few. Aroma guessing is the perfect one of our team building exercises to enhance group collaboration and improve your individual sense of smell.

For aroma guessing, the participants are split into small teams, one team member being tested. He or she is blindfolded and has to guess the aroma, while the others try to help by providing clues. This fosters an environment that is competitive but also fun, and enhances group collaboration and communication by encouraging team members to carefully think about what clues to offer that would be most helpful to the teammate being tested.

The main advantage of this activity is convenience – it can take place anywhere: in your office, in a venue, outside or inside. It is simple, fun and allows co-workers to spend a nice time together while improving group collaboration.


  • Enhances group collaboration
  • Decision making


  • Number of participants: 10 to 200 People
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Activity Type: Indoor
  • Energy level: 2


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Aroma Guessing

aroma guessing
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