Amazing Adventure Ultimate

If you are looking for a unique and truly effective way to develop good teamwork skills, the Amazing Adventure Ultimate challenge is perfect for you! There is no better way to motivate and engage your employees than by taking them out of their comfort zone and encouraging to experience new things together. The Amazing Race Bangkok challenge is a mix of a variety of activities related to Thai culture, food, sports, and more!

We are excited to bring your team on an amazing adventure through the city to develop good teamwork skills!

This race gather the best challenges from all our other races. This is our best and most complete trail to learn about Thai culture – it is guaranteed to develop good teamwork skills while having fun and engaging in light-hearted competition. You will explore local markets, cook Thai specialties, participate in a Muay Thai initiation (Thai Boxing), and learn from our beautiful Thai dancing master. You’ll also finish the day with a Thai massage to reward you for your hard work in the exclusive botanical gardens, with an amazing view of Thai natural environment, complete with a lake and local wild flowers.

In the Amazing Race Bangkok challenges, participants will also have to navigate through the city using several means of local transportation like a tuk tuk, boat, bicycle & more! This is a fantastic way of introducing your team to the city, and allowing them to explore different ways of getting around. This makes the trail ideal for both local teams, as well as international teams that are in town for an event. This is not your typical tourist activity – Amazing Adventure Ultimate offers a new and exciting way of exploring the city, where you can learn good teamwork skills at the same time.

Amazing Adventure Culture

amazing adventure ultimate
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