Amazing Adventure Gastro

Employee Engagement With The Amazing Adventure Gastro Trail. Look no further for one of the best ideas to increase employee engagement – for a truly effective morale boost, you really should be taking your team outside of their typical work environment and allowing them to experience something exciting and new. Thailand is renowned for its delicious dishes all around the world. This local gastronomy trail will show you the secrets of Thai cooking and Bangkok street food through exposure to typical ingredients and a cooking class run by local cooking experts. On this food tour, you’ll discover everything from the colorful local markets to the typical street food stands.

This is more than your average food tour – give your employees an effective morale boost!

A Bangkok food tour is the perfect way to increase employee engagement. The Amazing Adventure Gastro Trail is a comprehensive foodie experience that covers every aspect of Thai gastronomy through Bangkok food, from purchasing ingredients at a local market, fruit carving, and tasting street food to Thai cooking demonstrations and a cooking class. Taste, smell, see, hear, and touch local food to awaken and invigorate your senses in this exploration of Thai culinary traditions. This is a unique way to increase employee engagement – we guarantee that your team members will love it, and return with a noticeable morale boost by the end of the trail!

This trail consists of several food-themed challenges that will boost morale by allowing your employees to learn new skills and try new things as a group, including:
Shopping and bargaining at a local market

  • Thai cooking lessons
  • A bike tour and fruit carving
  • Identifying ingredients by smell

It introduces an element of friendly competition, which will encourage your employees to fully commit themselves to the task at hand. The challenges are engaging and accessible to absolutely anyone, which makes Amazing Adventure Gastro an ideal choice for a team building activity.

amazing adventure gastro
amazing adventure gastro
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