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Team Building with Amazing Race Activities

One of our best team building ideas is an activity similar to the Amazing Race, where your group will travel around Bangkok and complete a set of challenges. Whether this is your first time to Bangkok or you’ve been here before, the Cultural Trail is a perfect way to experience Bangkok the way local Thai people do. Escape from the hustle bustle of the tourist spots and immerse yourself in the typical Bangkok lifestyle and culture.

Take part in a variety of fun and interesting challenges that will take you around Bangkok and teach you about Thai culture

The challenges that you will encounter along the Cultural Trail of our amazing race are educational, entertaining, exciting and more fun than you ever imagined visiting Bangkok could be. We offer amazing race-style challenges suited for every type of person, which makes this perfect for all types of teams! Some of the challenges include:
• Thai Dance challenge – You’ll learn some of the movements from authentic, traditional Thai dancers. Here, the most graceful performance wins.
• Temple challenge – Be the first to find this hidden treasure and you’ll win the Temple Challenge.
• Market challenge – Recognize the ingredients of authentic Thai dishes and make the best tasting dessert, like ‘’Saku Saikai’’ or ‘’Khao Nieow Ma Muang’’ to win this challenge.
• Thai craft challenge – you’ll learn the special skills required to make genuine Thai crafts. If you design and make the nicest traditional Thai “floral bracelet,” you’ll be the winner of the Crafts Challenge.

Go beyond a regular old tour of Bangkok with our amazing race team building event. This is a fun and engaging way for you to develop close team relationships, and hone the skills needed for effective teamwork. We are happy to customize the amazing race activities to suit your business goals or objectives. Contact us now to book!

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